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evernew park perks


The trails and BODY Studio, walkable and bike-friendly features, and access to quality nutrition invite Sonders residents to stay active and live healthfully.

evernew park perks


Renewable energy resources are on full display in community parks and centers such as solar flowers, EV charging stations, and more.

evernew park perks


Residents have access to water with Serene Park, socialization at Sonders Learning Center, and shopping and entertainment in Old Town Fort Collins.

Gardner watering vegetables

Nature is at your fingertips with intentional biophilic design.

Connect with nature, naturally. That’s the heartbeat behind Flourish Park’s intentional design. The dedicated sensory gardens get you up close and personal with growing things. It’ll change your perspective and uplift your attitude.

Explore Flourish Park

Of lots at Sonders are designed to maximize water savings, open space and native grasses.


Miles of trails outside your front door


Average days of sunshine per year will be turned into energy by solar flowers in Evernew Park

Lifelong Learning Community - Workshop Collage

Lifelong learning and mind-opening experiences are part of the program here.

The Sonders Learning Center is where residents can exercise their minds, their bodies, and their crafts. The three studios of the Learning Center each play a central role in how we grow smartly with longevity as the focus.

Explore the Learning Center
Woman exercising with coach
Two women being social and having coffee

A social lifestyle and staying connected is of the utmost importance.

Whether it’s coordinated classes or workshops, or just a chance to come together and relax inside or outside, the Sonders Learning Center is designed with the intent to bring people together and share what makes them thrive.

Get a sneak peek of the Learning Center interior

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