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Sonders Learning Center

A campus designed for lifelong learning

Never stop learning because life and our ever-changing times won’t stop teaching. The Sonders Learning Center is a community center campus that offers continuing workshops, classes and presentations on a variety of topics in a cozy setting among studio cottages. In addition, the planned large outdoor area and swimming pool can host your next informal get-together or perhaps your next work-out in the water.

Pursue your next passion.

Sonders - ARTS Studio Rendering

ARTS Studio

Make art and listen to yourself. Here’s where you can make the most of your creative side. From fine arts to crafts, you’ll share a warm studio environment with other residents who enjoy putting their imagination to work and let their intelligence have fun.

Sonders - BODY Studio Rendering

BODY Studio

Do something today for yourself that tomorrow will thank you for. Here’s where residents convene who believe they are their own best health care provider. From yoga, to meditation, to low-resistance weight training, you’ll have a place to go for sharing good sense and sharing the feeling of feeling good.

Sonders - IDEAS Studio Rendering

IDEAS Studio

Spend time with people who are good for your (brain’s) health. Here’s where innovative ideas attract other ideas. From lectures and presentations on a variety of subjects to informal discussions, you’ll have a place to go where ideas are contagious.

Pool, Bocce, Pickelball

Play. Have fun. Enjoy your game. Or, just talk a good game. These aren’t just amenities. These are life-enhancing experiences. These are venues for you to connect with the great people (and the great outdoors) that surround you. Take advantage.

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