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Parks and Trails

Wander here.
Play here.
Learn here.
Grow here.

The parks and trails of Sonders Fort Collins offer an array of experiences. Waterside retreats along the lake’s edge. Engaging gardens that beckon getting your hands dirty. Botanical excursions that grip your senses. Solar structures, purposeful public art, and intentional spaces that reap the rewards of renewable energies, and impart the knowledge of its bounty.

Because our environment is our biggest shared interest. The one we all have a stake in.

evernew park at sonders

Evernew Park at Sonders

More than doing less harm, it’s about doing more good. Evernew Park is a celebration of sustainability. It is a community park that is a testament to Sonders’ commitment to our shared environment and our shared tomorrows. From solar energy, to renewable energy, to the wise use of water— you’ll learn more about the “how” behind Sonders’ remarkable commitment to the air we breathe, the water we drink and the power we use.

evernew park perks

EV Charging Stations

The time is right for electric cars.
Charge here.

evernew park perks

Evernew Park Pavillion

A community gathering place for learning, sharing and everyday celebrations.

evernew park perks

Solar Flowers

Sonders Solar Flowers in Evernew Park produce clean and sustainable energy as a nod to our shared environment.

flourish park at sonders

Flourish Park at Sonders

Your hands in the dirt, and your head and heart in nature. Feed your inner farmer and feed your neighbor because nature’s bounty can be found here. A community park dedicated to stimulating the senses with its four sensory gardens that explore the tactile, audible, aromatic, and visual qualities of nature.

serene park at sonders

Serene Park at Sonders

You can find peace here between the land and the water. Think of this as your own natural preserve. Wander and be present. Listen to the rhythm of the water. Stop to fish at the dock. Or launch a kayak or canoe. It’s your place to find yourself.

trails at sonders

Trails at Sonders

Pathways that partner with nature. Trails that connect you to your neighborhood conveniences. Trails that simply make you and the people you care about happy. Whether it’s the path outside your door that takes you through the array of botanical gardens at Flourish Park or waterside through Serene Park, any day spent meandering the trails of Sonders is a good day.

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