Like you, this new home community is different.

Sonders is a forward-thinking and forward-looking new home community in Fort Collins that harnesses the power of renewable resources and is energized by life-long learning. Your every day agenda will be full of casual interactions with like-minded neighbors; with nature; with the peaceful side of yourself.

The life-minded campus style learning center keeps the body and mind in top shape. Parks honor our promise to the environment while kindling relationships between neighbors, the outdoors, and one’s self. Trails that weave neighborhoods and neighborhood conveniences together.

Your time connecting with nature becomes a natural part of your day. Keep scrolling to see yourself wander here, play here, learn here, and grow here.

There’s a lot behind Sonders Fort Collins. And we know a lot goes into your decision to live here. Get answers to common questions by downloading the Sonders FAQ, or peruse the Sonders Brochure.

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Sonders Learning Center

The campus-style composition of The Sonders Learning Center is enlivened with continuing workshops, classes and presentations. Its main building and three separate studios are united to support life-minded objectives to keep your body, mind, and social life strong. It’s about the ARTS, your BODY, and sharing IDEAS. It’s here that you can make every day a “discovery day.” See what’s on the agenda.

Sonders Learning Center

Parks and Trails

What you value the most is on your terms. Trailside walks wind through neighborhoods and take you to parks with purpose. Meander along the water’s edge and soak in the time at Serenity Park. Get your hands dirty feeding your body and soul at Flourish Park. And participate in our celebration of sustainability and our commitment to tomorrow at Evernew Park.

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The Vision

More than a decades’ worth of planning with teams of experts, the City of Fort Collins, and invaluable partners like CSU and The Institute for the Built Environment have brought the Sonders vision to life.

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The vision called for creating remarkable, life-enhancing experiences for active-agers of all ages and interests. Lifelong learning, recreation, health, and nature experiences all form the foundation of the Sonders community vision. Finally, well-beyond “sustainability,” the Sonders vision most importantly calls for rejuvenation of the human spirit, environmental resources, and respectful connections between people. It’s why the developers, Actual Communities Inc., named the community Sonders.

definition: sondernoun. The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Since 1986, Actual Communities Inc. has developed a diverse array of real estate projects locally and internationally. From retail and commercial centers to master-planned communities, we define community building differently. The Actual definition of community development begins with the premise that all efforts including site acquisition, planning, design and construction be centered around one singular mission – create environments for people to realize their individual and shared potential.

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