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A new home community in Fort Collins that’s life-enlivening and life-enriching

Rethink your idea of feeling connected and live your life to the fullest. At Sonders Fort Collins, new homes are matched with a revived sense of community. Where life-long learning, health and wellness, social connections, and our shared appreciation for nature are front and center. Because what you value the most should be on your terms.

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Five miles from Downtown Fort Collins

Streetscapes lined with nature and novelty are only five miles away. Old Town Fort Collins and Town Square is where your craving finds variety with more than 80 restaurants to explore. Restored landmarks and upgraded alleyways make the perfect jaunt. This is a place rich with energy and creativity. It’s what makes our hometown…home.

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The Lifelong Benefits of Social Connections: Thriving at Every Age

Social connections are a vital part of human life, bringing numerous benefits that span across all ages and stages. As we get older, the importance of maintaining these connections becomes even more pronounced.

It’s a well-accepted fact that loneliness and social isolation present great health risks and staying connected to a community and loved ones is crucial to our overall well-being.

  The Lifelong Benefits of Social Connections: Thriving at Every Age

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