Forward-looking new townhomes in Sonders Fort Collins

When you think of a townhome, does the word “vertical” come to mind? The typical townhome has an expected layout, and an assumed amount of stairs, or flights of stairs, to climb on a daily basis. That’s not the case with new townhomes in Sonders Fort Collins.

Available now in Sonders Fort Collins are new townhomes by Thrive Home Builders that challenge the expected and assumed. 


The ‘why’ behind energy efficient new homes

Innovations in energy efficiency are more important now than ever. Especially when it comes to the homes we occupy; live in; work in; entertain in. New homes that become fresh new communities. Especially the energy-efficient new homes in Sonders Fort Collins that are setting new standards and are more energy-efficient than the average resale home.

It’s not like we humans just started building homes yesterday, right? Yet, the energy efficiency of these homes wasn’t always top of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions about Sonders Fort Collins

Whether it’s through comments in the Sonders Forum, via our Facebook or Instagram pages, or conversations with passers-by, there are plenty of frequently asked questions about Sonders Fort Collins. Well, we have answers. And as the development progresses, more questions will be answered. 

Here are some of the most current, frequently asked questions about Sonders Fort Collins. 


What is a master planned community?

Residential communities come in varying shapes and sizes. Yet not all are created equal. That’s where master planned communities (MPCs) rise as shining stars. Yet, what is a master planned community? MPCs are based on intention and empathy for those that will call this place home for generations to come.

One distinguishing feature that makes a community a master planned community rather than a subdivision is its collection of amenities. Whether it’s natural amenities or commercial amenities (or the mixture of both), a master-planned community’s purpose is to create a place for people to thrive.

Typical Amenities of a Master Planned Community


What does low maintenance mean at Sonders Fort Collins?

What’s better than finding features that benefit your everyday life? Specifically, features that make things easier? Let’s pause there on the word, “easier.” We believe that’s the best component of low maintenance. 

In the case of what low maintenance means for a new home (or an entire community), it’s a lot about “easy.” Yet when put into practice, low maintenance is exceedingly about meeting residents’ life stages, lifestyles, and enjoying the best of both. So, what does low maintenance mean to residents in Sonders Fort Collins? 


From Water’s Edge to Sonders Fort Collins

For those of you who have heard of Water’s Edge in Fort Collins, we’d like to welcome you to Sonders. A new home community that, like you, is different.

Formerly known as Water’s Edge, Sonders is the new namesake for a similar community concept. The same visionaries behind Water’s Edge are bringing Sonders Fort Collins to fruition. 


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