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Frequently Asked Questions about Sonders Fort Collins

Whether it’s through comments in the Sonders Forum, via our Facebook or Instagram pages, or conversations with passers-by, there are plenty of frequently asked questions about Sonders Fort Collins. Well, we have answers. And as the development progresses, more questions will be answered. 

Here are some of the most current, frequently asked questions about Sonders Fort Collins. 

Is Sonders Fort Collins an age-qualified, 55+ community?

Simply put, No. Sonders is designed to appeal to active-agers, which be of any age and at any life stage.

Active agers are individuals and families looking for more free time, more things to do, more meaning in their life, and more fun overall. Townhomes and future condominiums at Sonders may be age-qualified.

What does the name ‘Sonders’ mean?

The name Sonders comes from the word ‘sonder,’ which is defined as the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Planning and designing a community around this simple yet fundamental premise gives Sonders its purpose… and its name.

When will Sonders be complete?

Development plans for completion in approximately mid-2025.

How many homes will be built at Sonders?

There will be approximately 375 homes at Sonders according to current development plans.

What types of homes will be built at Sonders?

Upon completion, there will be an array of housing types including single-family, courtyard, townhomes, condominiums and custom homes.

What are the major amenities and when will they be completed

The Sonders Learning Center campus, pool and hot tub are estimated to be completed by mid-2023, as well as the Learning Center’s sport courts.

Flourish Park and its sensory gardens, as well as Serene Park and its waterside experience are anticipated to be complete by mid-2023.

Evernew Park is expected to be completed in mid-2023 as well.

What are Metro District and HOA fees, and what do they include?

Metro Districts and HOAs fund community-wide amenities, common area maintenance, and specific areas of each home’s exterior maintenance at Sonders.

Here is a breakdown of their differences.

Metro District Fees

In Sonders, the Metro District funds and oversees the cleaning and maintenance of community amenities, gathering areas, and common spaces. The official name of the Sonders Fort Collins Metropolitan District is “Waters’ Edge Metro Districts 1-2” and includes all of the homes, townhomes, and future condominiums at Sonders.

The community amenities and common gathering areas that are maintained by the Metro District are: 

  • The Sonders Learning Center and all future program services, which may include classroom workshops for lifelong learning sessions, exercise classes, the pool, spa, and multi-purpose rooms.
  • Studios within the Learning Center campus that include the BODY Studio (exercise area, yoga, etc.), the ART Studio (painting, crafting area), and the IDEAS Studio (think tank and lifelong learning area).
  • Evernew Park and its outdoor gathering areas and restroom facility. The park will engage visitors in an educational exploration of sustainability and energy conservation through various exhibits including solar and wind displays.
  • The Greens is an intimate yet open park with gathering areas around state-of-the-art putting greens for practice.
  • Flourish Park is a neighborhood gardening center filled with interactive areas including individual garden plots available for residents, orchard areas, and four sensory gardens: auditory, visual, tactile, and aromatic.
  • Serene Park is a naturally preserved area along the ebbing and flowing shoreline of Richard’s Lake with access to the water.
  • Wag Around Dog Park is the community dog park with a fenced-in area for your four-legged friend to romp around a large mound while neighbors mingle at gathering areas.
  • Acres of open space and miles of multi-surface trails with further connections to regional trails systems.

Low Maintenance Home Features

Along with common area landscaping and snow removal, the Metro District funds low maintenance features for homeowners. It’s all part of a healthy culture of aging and ensuring Sonders provides key amenities, in many different forms, to keep residents active and connected.

These include 

  • Landscape maintenance for homeowners for tree lawns and front yards (excluding flower and planting beds on private lots, and any rear yard improvements).
  • Non-potable irrigation for tree lawn and front yard utilizing the community’s water-wise open space irrigation systems.
  • A spring fertilization and aeration, weekly mowing, and monthly edging.
  • Trash and recycling, but that’s a given.
  • Snow removal for homeowners‘ sidewalks, private alleys, driveways, and front walks (2” snow tolerance).

What about the HOA?

The Sonders HOA is limited-purpose, yet it’s an important purpose: access to Richard’s Lake shoreline and surface water use. The HOA funds, maintains, and oversees the management of the shoreline along Richard’s Lake, and allows residents the opportunity to hike its shoreline, fish, and launch non-motorized watercraft.

For more complete information about the Sonders Metro District and HOA, speak with a builder representative or visit the Sonders FAQ for updates.

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