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From Water’s Edge to Sonders Fort Collins

For those of you who have heard of Water’s Edge in Fort Collins, we’d like to welcome you to Sonders. A new home community that, like you, is different.

Formerly known as Water’s Edge, Sonders is the new namesake for a similar community concept. The same visionaries behind Water’s Edge are bringing Sonders Fort Collins to fruition. 

Beyond a new community that lives along the shore of Richard’s Lake, this revitalized vision encompasses waterside benefits, casual social connections, neighborly vibes, and a focus on tomorrow through community-wide sustainability efforts.

A campus-style learning center with its multiple studios are designed and programmed to spark your creativity, strengthen your body, and grow your mind. Trails that beckon time outdoors while getting your steps in. And parks that have plenty more to them than a lawn and playground.

Sonders is uniquely coming to life at the perfect time. It is a new home community in Fort Collins that begs the question, “how are you going to live your best life?” Because living as good as healthy feels isn’t just a marketing line, it’s a piece of the community’s philosophy. 

Yet, impactful things don’t come from thin air. That’s why we partner with trusted advisors and encourage our future residents and community stakeholders to participate in surveys via the Sonders Forum

The Parks of Sonders

Finding your own personal growth comes naturally here. And we mean that somewhat literally. Like personally growing your own food. Reserve a garden trough at Flourish Park to showcase your green thumb and help feed your neighbors during planned fare-sharing markets. Or, just take time to reflect among Flourish Park’s four sensory gardens: tactile, auditory, aromatic, and visual.

Serene Park at Sonders shares the shoreline along Richard’s Lake for that intrinsic water’s edge experience. It’s like the community’s own natural preserve. And it’s constantly changing, so your daily waterside excursions always offer something new to see (and learn).

Always Something to Learn

And there’s always new ways to learn and expand your mind when living in Sonders Fort Collins. 

Whether it’s Evernew Park’s pavilion chock-full of educational, interactive exhibits showcasing how the community is harnessing the powers of renewable energy resources (like the community’s Solar Flowers). Or the immersive workshops and presentations coming to the IDEAS and ARTS studios inside the Sonders Learning Center campus.

Through the Sonders Forum, we ask what would be the best when it comes to workshops, classes, exercises, wants and needs for amenities, and more. It’s our way of constantly learning what can make every day a “discovery day.”

The Sonders Forum

With a community philosophy that’s all about living your best life, we know we can’t do this without plenty of research. The visionaries of Sonders have worked with a core group of advisors to aid this vision coming to fruition. Yet, it takes our future residents’ voices to truly create what we set out to do. That’s why we invite you to join the Sonders Forum and participate in our current and upcoming surveys.

If you’re interested in a new home community that’s life-enlivening and life-enriching, then there will be a residence ready for you soon. Click the “Stay Informed” button up top and select the Sonders Fort Collins home builders to show your interest and get more information. Homesite reservations fill up quickly.

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