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Available now: Energy-efficient luxury new homes by Bridgewater Homes

The energy-efficient, luxury new homes by Bridgewater Homes available for purchase now in Sonders Fort Collins are built to fit the needs of today’s buyers, and so much more. Like energy-efficient features, luxury touches, large sliding glass doors that bring the outside living space in, and single-level living designs that make life a whole lot easier.

Bridgewater Homes is known throughout Northern Colorado for its spacious designs. In Sonders Fort Collins, that’s just what buyers will get, and plenty more. Luxuriously appointed ranch designs keep your home’s main spaces connected without the need for stairs. 

Yet, these homes open up from front to back and up to down. Backyard decks with large doors that make morning coffees and afternoon barbecues a specialty of every day. And downstairs entertaining and living spaces to host family for holidays or friends from out town space (and let them retreat to their own quarters).

These luxury new homes by Bridgewater Homes aren’t just luxurious, they’re also energy-efficient. As an ENERGY STAR® Certified home builder, Bridgewater takes pride in building homes for a lifetime. Homes that are strategically crafted with quality materials. And homes that help conserve our resources for future lifetimes. Innovations in energy efficiency are more important now than ever, and that’s why purchasing a new home is a more energy efficient choice than a resale home.

That’s why we’re just as elated as Bridgewater to welcome their new homes to Sonders Fort Collins. It’s because Bridgewater believes home is where memories are made. And we think home is a pretty special place that extends beyond the front door – it’s the community you’re proud of and the neighbors you’re glad to call friends.

Hear more from Leslie Moen, co-founder and president of Bridgewater Homes:

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