Sonders is the Nation’s First Pre-Certified Lifelong Community as Recognized by CSU’s Institute for the Built Environment

Home is meant to be a permanent landing place, not a temporary stopover.

Sonders is prioritizing a healthy culture of aging by becoming the nation’s first Pre-Certified Lifelong Community. Developed by the Institute for the Built Environment (IBE) at Colorado State University, this pilot certification program identifies community design features that contribute to a healthy, sustainable, and accessible community for people of any age or ability.


Sonders Fort Collins End of Summer Updates: Model Homes & Greenery

Summers is coming to a close at Sonders Fort Collins, but luckily, every season in this community brings rich new experiences. In fact, the final days of summer will be vibrant and green like the landscaping installed throughout the community, and the incoming Northern Colorado Parade of Homes featuring two model homes in Sonders Fort Collins. Come see the scenery and greenery, and intentionally-built new homes.


Custom Homes at Sonders Fort Collins

How would you like to build your masterpiece overlooking the shores of Richard’s Lake? We’re glad we asked. Because now is the perfect time to own your own piece of Sonders. Homesites to craft your custom home at Sonders Fort Collins are now available.

You’ve lived the lifestyle. You know what it’s like to go through the home purchasing process. You’ve found a remarkable place to live. And now, you’re ready to make your next venture of crafting your dream home.


Model Homes (and more coming soon) at Sonders Fort Collins

What are you up to this weekend? We’ve got something for you: an outing to tour the model homes at Sonders Fort Collins. There’s plenty to inspire you. And you’ll find inspiration around every corner.

Whether it’s finding where you want to live next – that perfect place with a home that checks all the boxes – or finding the look to revamp your home for the changing season, or watching a community take shape.


Forward-looking new townhomes in Sonders Fort Collins

When you think of a townhome, does the word “vertical” come to mind? The typical townhome has an expected layout, and an assumed amount of stairs, or flights of stairs, to climb on a daily basis. That’s not the case with new townhomes in Sonders Fort Collins.

Available now in Sonders Fort Collins are new townhomes by Thrive Home Builders that challenge the expected and assumed. 


Sonders Fort Collins Construction Update

Winter in Colorado seems to have arrived a little later than planned. Yet, it’s here now! And still, Sonders Fort Collins construction is underway. We welcome colder temperatures, flurries of snow, and white-capped mountains with open arms. It’s the change of seasons that truly make life great here in Colorado.  

Here’s an update.


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